Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Love Oh Love

I know I haven't been blogging ever since... urg forget about it.

But recently many things happened.

I wouldn't say it fall bad on me. Something unlucky happened to one of my close friend, which made me realise the fine line between love, and a waste of your time. And not to mention, how love is being defined differently by many.

Many a times, I asked myself, "What is love?" or "What do I mean by being loved?"

I have not been into a relationship for a long time, which I am cognizant of how objective I can be when it comes to knowing what love is about. This is a good thing, at least I get to see it from a different perspective than those in love.

The story goes this way (I wrote from all I knew from another friend of mine):

Xan*'s been into a relationship with a decent girl, Debris, for a couple of years. Relationship was stable in the first few years until something happened. Both of them were separated reluctantly because the girl had to go overseas permanently to continue her studies.

Difference in timezone, busy with studies and other extra curriculum activities etc. Somehow the once close and steadfast relationship turned out into a disaster.

Xan* felt neglected and could not keep up with the relationship. Eventually, he met another girl, Sher*, at a club. Within weeks, they got together. Yet, Debris found out only weeks later when Xan updated his status of one of the social networking platforms*. Debris was devastated.

P/S: Xan* even mentioned that if Debris* is back to Sg for a holiday, he would spend time with her. Once she heads back the other end of the world, Xan* would go back to Sher*.


Shall just stop the story here because the rest were not related.

The thing is: Can anyone normal being able to let go years of strong relationship? Or does this story also exemplify how traditional and cliche am I? Isn't this love way too absurd and unconventional?

All I can say, I'm glad to be single, yet unavailable. If love is this way, then what is the real love?