Monday, March 9, 2009

Few Happenings in my life

These holidays have been quite a fulfilling one.

Shall tell you guys one big surprise which you might have not think of.


Ok, I know under my resolution list was to take up driving only after July, when my work ends, but well, life is indeed unpredictable.

One fine day, my dad drove my sis & I to CDC because my sister wanted to convert her foreign driving license to a local one. Well, from there, my parents kept on pestering me to take my first virgin basic theory test. Actually, I was really reluctant. I had no interest in driving at all!

Well, to make them feel happy, I decided to book the first basic theory test with 2 e-trial lessons, as well as 5 driving practical lessons.

Progress: So far so good, passed my BTT for the first time. Applied for PDL which costs just $25 for a period of 6months. And now I'm taking the 4th practical lessons already. Last week just started to drive on the road. Suddenly feel that I can drive too!

Well, you know, I really had no confidence in having to control such a big and costly gadget. Haha.

My instructor is named Michael anyway, he's a good & nice person though. Haha.

2. Philip is leaving for Hong Kong

This is quite a big news to me. My beloved brother, Philip, is leaving for Hong Kong after serving his NS to study Law. I am both sad & happy for him. The happy thing is, he can finalise his dream to be a lawyer. The sad thing is, after 3 years, he's leaving Sg for good. Which means to say, I would need to spend money on air ticket just to visit him. And we can't slack as we like anymore. So sad.

These few weeks, we have been hanging out with Bone & Nicholas. Bone introduced 2 more friends to us, one named Andy, the other named Joe.

Andy used to work in Starhub under CSSD also! What a coincidence. Joe is now working as a police stationed @ CCK if I'm not wrong.

We went out for supper, then played cards together, drink together.

There was once, Lip, Bone & I had a food marathon.

We were supposed to go 85 for supper. Took a bus down, 85 was closed! So surprising, which we had no idea why was it closed. So we went to 511, cabbed down, luckily it was opened. Ate Satay & Hokkien Mee. Lip & I felt that it wasn't "shiok" enough, so we cabbed down to Bedok Reservoir for Prata. After Prata, we went to meet Joe, to play cards.

This was just one of the outings. Haha, lazy to type by the way.

3. Nicholas's Chalet (10-11 March)

This cranky good friend of mine suddenly told me he's organising a chalet, and asked if I could make it. Of cause I will, since it's on the 10-11 March.

4. E35J Chalet (23-25 March)

Since we had not met up for quite some time together, I organised a chalet again on the 23-25 March. Venue still the same, people definintely still the same!

5. Bintan Trip with Starhub Colleagues (30 March - 1 Apr)

WOOHOO! I'm extremely happy about this because this is the first time I'm out of town with my friends! Many things happen to me this month, as well as work. Irene was transferred to SO dept, which was downstairs (I can still meet her for lunch btw!) , and I had to change supervisor because of that. I really liked her, because she's really a good TL, as well as she really take good care of me & TKD. (TKD & I happened to be under same supervisor).

This time, 8 people will be going - Irene, xLong, Randy, Eunice (Me), Ethel, Gilbert, TKD & Jeffrey!

To celebrate her departure, our Part-Time Team decided to celebrate it @ Fashion Bar!

And I got drunk, really more drunk than ever.

And 2 of my supervisors, Jen & Fred, with Sunny (one of my colleagues) had to bring me back home and dragged me directly to my bed!

Well, the following weekend, my another supervisor, Jonny, saw me, and shouted, "醉仙姑!" (Drunken Fairy).

Surprisingly, Jason, TKD also know I was drunk! News spread fast in the office lor.

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