Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Haircut

Went for hair treatment. Dye my hair, trim my hair. Since I've been so tired of my old hairstyle, I've decided to try something daring - which is to cut BANGS!

I told myself it's alright if it turns out to be ufgly. Everyone in their life time should have their own embarrassing moments. I know, I wanted to console myself.

Smsed Jen not to laugh at my new haircut before work, so as to keep her prepared.

Went to work, I asked Wesley, "Eh Eh.. I cut my hair, nice right?!" I was waiting for an ideal answer like, "Eh Nice leh!".

But things didn't really work out that well.


"Really meh, you got cut hair meh?!"


But Jen said that I don't look weird with this hairstyle. So, I'm a little relieved. Haha.

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