Friday, October 31, 2008

Mahjong Gathering

After work, Ethel, Jeffrey, J.P & Xiao Long (Our Senior) went to Eugene's house to play Mahjong!

SO happy that I helped Eugene won some money.

We played for hours. Play Blackjack. Gossip about work and stuffs.

But most importantly, the only reason why I went his house was his dogs!

He got 2 cute dogs, One called Sparky, the other one called Blue.

This is Sparky.

So coincidentially, Starhub do have a signature dog named Sparky too!

Eugene's dog is really cute and tamed.

P/S: Anyway, I had a bad day at work before that. I was on the phone for 30mins with a nasty customer which this case have been hanging on for 3 days. Jensen, my team leader felt that he should take over the call. After talking for 45mins, the nasty customer finally laughed over the phone! GOODNESS! Because of my case, quite a number of people from our department (especially the TLs) and the billing department were involved. Anyway, thanks for the great help!

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