Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Piece of good news

Today, I went for an interview with Starhub.

Before that, I was really nervous about it because TKD told me that the interview was quite an intensive one.

I woke up quite early, feeling very restless.

So I wore formally. A casual top, red color outerwear with a skirt that touches the knee. In addition, high heel shoes and my ripcurl strawbag.

However, I thought that was not presentable enough.

So, I took 20 MINUTES making-up. Trying out different eye shadows etc.

But I still prefer the blue eyeshadow.




So I packed everything beforehand. My resume, certificates, my results slips, interview details given by my agent, Sherin etc.

Waited for the interviewer, and I thought it was a lady.

Ended up, the interviewer turned out to be a guy.

Honestly, the interview was a little intensive. A lot of questions being asked that you have to think on the spot.

An hour after my interview, just an hour later, Sherin called me to say I'm accepted!

The interviewer even told me to wait for 2 weeks. If I'm shortlisted, they will notify me.

But yet an hour later, I received a call by Sherin!

Tomorrow will be going down to Raffles Place to sign the contract with SH. I can't wait!

Will be starting training next week.

P/S: God, before the interview, I prayed really hard. I want this job badly. And thank God, you helped me.

P/S:P/S: I DESPICE people who do not have a mind of their own. I wonder why God gave everybody brains but some don't even use them? Not trying to be sarcastic here, but isn't what I say the truth?

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