Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Interesting Lights

Recently (Actually not recently, just last month), Mom brought Shaun to the optical shop.

Shaun's short-sightness got worst. As a result, Mom thought it could be due to the lightings that caused such a great impact on Shaun because he's always in his room studying.

We went to Geylang to search for a shop which Uncle Pit Chian recommended us.

This is the new lightings that I talked about.
It comes in 3 different colours with 3 different kinds of purposes.

1. If you intend to study, read or write, this kind of light is good for our eyes.

And this is how my room looks like with the light on.

2. Orange color light. If you find the first one too glaring, you can use this light. Romantic and pleasant to the eye.

And this is how my room looks like with the orange lights on.

3. See the Green color light? These are actually LCD lights. These LCD lights comes in different colors - Green, Pink, Red, Purple, Blue

This is what it looks like in the dark. If you're afraid of the dark and hope for some glimpse of light, you can on this light. At different time intervals, there will be different colours of light.

And this is what my room looks like with the Blue LCD lights on.

You must be feeling confused, there are 3 different kind of lights, how to control all 3?

Actually, there is a remote control provided to choose which kinds of light you wish to switch on.

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