Monday, September 29, 2008

F1 Race

Was a little disappointed that I couldn't get to go for the F1 event. Because they don't need volunteers anymore!

But nevermind, Singapore has signed an agreement to be the host for the F1 event for the next consecutive 4 years, which means I have a chance to go for free again!

Was watching the F1 show yesterday night with my family.

I sooo much wanted Massa to win because I liked him more than Hamilton.

Unexpected Alonso got the first in placing! Ex McLauren Mercedes driver now a Renault driver. Unexpected! He's lucky, though.

Massa went for the first pit stop for alcohol refilling, and an accident happened to him whereby the hose was stucked onto his car. And that took the mechanics more than 30seconds to get rid of the hose + the running part. Which made him the 18th driver, and unable to catch up eventually.

As a result, one of the mechanics was injuried.

YET, this isn't the end. There are 3 more races they would need to compete. I REALLY HOPE MASSA COULD WIN!

Hamilton's too arrogant.

P/S: We were complimented for being efficient because we took only 10 months to complete the whole F1 circuit, and Europe actually took 2 years to complete it.

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