Friday, August 8, 2008

Today, we had Enterprise Lessons. Wanted to do a solo team again. However, was too lazy to use up all my brain cells.

During lunch time, our class watched this movie, "Windstruck".

Very touching movie. It's all Naq's fault! I still continue crying after watching the movie! All he could do was to laugh. Urgh.

Let me give you a brief idea on what this movie is all about.

The female lead, which was shown on the poster, acted as a policewoman in the movie. She had a twin sister. This twin sister always liked to change identity with her. The female lead would take her twin sister's exam for her, do things which her twin sister didn't like to do.

One day, the female lead needed to attend a graduation ceremony. However, she wanted to attend a party instead. So, she called her twin sister to change identity with her and tell her twin sister to attend the graduation ceremony on her behalf.

Unfortunately, while on the way to school, her sister was hit down by a car and passed away.

Her twin sister's dream was to be a policewoman. Therefore, the female lead wanted to fulfil her twin sister's wish.

As for the male lead, which is shown on the poster. He got to know the female lead through a scene whereby he was mistaken for a thief. And the female lead caught him by mistake.

And that's how they got to know each other. Soon, they became a couple.

However, on an occasion, the female lead on was a dangerous mission. Unfortunately, the female lead shot her boyfriend (Male lead) by mistake. (She was supposed to hit the criminal)

As a result, her boyfriend did not survived. She was devastated and attempted suicide a few times, but to no avail.

However, her boyfriend did told her, if she ever felt strong wind blowing towards her, it would meant that the boyfriend has come.

And blah blah blah.....

It's very very touching! I kept crying non stop.

Then, I thought of Zhi Yang & Cheng Yong. I was thinking if one day they died, what would happen to me. Will I be as devastated as the female lead?

Then, I cried even more. So I saw Yang on MSN and I talked to him.

I want to make sure he's in front of the computer.

Me: Hey, you at home?

Yang: Ya

Me: Ok good good. How are you?

Yang: Not bad eh. Haha

Me: Ok, must take care ah

Yang: Lol what happened

Me: I watched a movie in class, called the "WINDSTRUCK". Very touching, so I thought of you and cheng yong.

Yang: Haha, what's it about?

And Blah Blah Blah...

Me: So I thought if you died, I wil be very sad.

Yang: Haha, if I die, I will come back give you all toto number ^^

(He still give me this answer! This is when I cried even more.)

Me: zzzz. Stop joking lah!!!! (And so on....)

So I think he didn't want me to worry, so he wanted to call me out for a slack with Cheng Yong.

Ended up, both of them fell asleep until 8pm+. Aren't they cute?

Called them to tell them I could not slack with them because my mother didn't allow. You know, the 7th month.

I miss them a lot. I have not seen them for ages. I don't want anything to happen to them. I don't want them to die before me.

You know, I have been very paranoid during this 7th month?

I dreamt of a lot of scary things. First, was the dreamt about Daphnne, Eugene & I. Second, was how I was being murdered. The whole scenario was totally gruesome and scary. I woke up and cried. I was badly frightened. I wanted to call someone to make myself feel better, but found no one to call to.

I feel very lonely. This is the first time I'm so scared of being alone. In the past, when I had no friends, I don't fear lonelines at all. But this time, it's different.

When I come back from school today, my Mom said she dreamt of a few policemen looking for me.


I've been so traumatised by all these nightmares, bad dreams. So don't disturb me, scare me or frighten me. I hate this feeling.

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