Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Had another week of fun and exciting Cultural Lessons.

Our Faci has decided not to do any skit or presentation for cultural lessons. Instead, we will be playing games and watching movie related to our problem statement.

First, Faci Eugenia asked us to summarise what we have learnt for the past 16 weeks (First Semester). And this is what we have learnt:

During Meeting 1, Faci Eugenia let us have a game quiz of 20 questions. These 20 questions are all related to what we have studied for cultural module for the past 16 weeks.

There is benchmark as I have shown above. I guess I shadn't elaborate further.

Noticed that there isn't any Grade A. Reasons why Grade A is being left out is because what we have written in our RJ will also determine whether we can get a Grade A.

Today, there are 4 groups. Each groups are supposed to create a name so that we can shout our team name to snatch for questions and get marks. Our team name is "Kiddos!"

Our scores were 9 1/2 marks initially. However, notice the last 5 strokes in green? Let me tell you how we got the marks.

We were also supposed to draw our name on a piece of paper and earn as many stars as we can! I was too lazy to ask for stars, hence only got 24 stars.

Noticed that we have many balloons? Next, we played another game. In my team, we have 5 people - Naq, Superman, Clovey, Ming Yuan & I.

All teams were supposed to stand in a straight line, one after another. In between the gaps, we were supposed to put a balloon on each person's back, and using your body to prevent the balloon from falling to the ground.

Rules of the game: We cannot touch the balloon, nor we can put hands on each other's waists, shoulder. In a way, we cannot touch each other's body parts.

I was the first person in line, so I do not need to take the balloon. The first person who gets to cross the finishing line gets 5 marks. Subsequently, 4 marks, 3 marks and so on.

Our team was united enough and we got 5 marks! Hence, the addition of the 5 green strokes.

This is Ross's balloon. I find it very nice so I decided to take a picture of it!

You know it, this is mine!

It was time for Breakout 1. However, the guys in the class & I were all playing with the balloons. We used them to smack each other, play dodge ball, volleyball, whichever we could play.

I was perspiring profusely!

Welcome to E35J!

Other classes thought our class had some birthday celebration. Actually, no!

After playing the game, went for Breakout 1. Ate breakfast with my buddies.

Meeting 2! (After Breakout1) Another good game! This time, the game is called "Land Mine". Notice the 20 squareish boxes on the floor? (Yeah I know it was arrows the last week... *rolls eyes*)

Out of these 20 boxes, there are many landmines around. And we have no idea where the landmines were being planted except for Faci Eugenia. We were being split into 2 groups, and each group is supposed to cross over to the opposite side and vice versa.

However, when one person steps on any boxes and found the box to be planted with a landmine, the person would have to trace back his steps and return to his own team. In this case, the person of the another group can have the chance to walk.

The first group who reaches the opposite side wins.

And our group won!

This is actually a game of memory. And Faci Eugenia explained to us why is it meaningful for us to have this game and the purpose behind it. I think I shall not elaborate more on this.

After Meeting 2, it was lunch break for 2.5hours. Jasper, Bing Zhong & John called me in for a game of DOTA. We lost!

While playing DOTA, Ross called me out of the classroom for an interview. And I was a little shy having to speak infront of the video!

While the rest of my classmates were...

WATCHING MOVIE! They were watching Sassy Girl. Quite a nice movie. I joined in during the second half. Quite a sad movie.

Noticed that the chairs were all in line? We wanted to create a senario of cinema theatre. Thats why Naq & I arranged the chairs in order. AND my lovely classmates were all so co-operative an they actually sit in their own positions! So cute.

After playing DOTA, I was too bored so I took my handphone out to take a shot of this. This is so random. But I like it. This MacPro belongs to EUNICE NG!

And now, Meeting 3! Faci Eugenia introduced us to a movie called , "The Family Stone". This movie is related to our Cultural Module. The movie was really draggy and I almost wanted to doze off. Faci Eugenia even massage my shoulders to keep me awake!

However, the message Faci Eugenia wanted to send across to us was very clear.

From the movie, there are a few characters which made me leave a deep impression on them.

They were Meredith Morton, Everett Stone, Amy, Thad & Patrick.

Meredith Morton was the girlfriend of the Stone Family, Everett Stone.

In the beginning of the movie, Meredith seemed to be a confident and successful woman during work. However, she may also seem as an unsociable and conservative person in front of Everett’s family.

To the Stone family, Meredith seemed to be a thorn in their flesh and one who is not afraid to speak her mind without sparing a thought for others. I remembered a scene where Meredith’s sister, Julie came to look for her and they were all having their dinner. Meredith said something which offended the family regarding her views on sexual orientation and nature vs nature.

Despite knowing that the Stone family were all glaring and staring angrily at her, she still went on to make her stand.

As for Amy, she disliked Meredith at first sight and would do things to oppose Meredith . She was also one who is not easy to get along with.

As for Thad Patrick, they were considered the ‘unusual’ ones to Meredith as compared to any other ordinary couples because they were bisexuals.

And so on.....

Overall, this show is nice!

I enjoyed today's lesson a lot. A lot.

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