Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Finally, my laptop is back to normal.

Went to school 3 times just to configure my laptop.

First time, was before getting the MSN virus. Everything was very normal.

Second, was after getting MSN virus. Stood at the IT help desk at Agora Hall 1 for 3 hours, while my father was waiting for me. Ended up, the IT person couldn't be able to solve the Microsoft Outlook problem.

Third, went to school today, and finally, with just a few clicks from the IT seniors in our school, it's back to normal again.

Saw Jing Hao, Zhuang Xun & TKD for enrolment. Finally, Finally! There's someone in the same school as I am. I mean, School of Applied Science (SAS). That's Jing Hao

After that, the 2 guys went to buy their laptop and have it configured too.

Went to Causeway Point for dinner. I swear Causeway Point is a good place to shop. Lots of restaurant like Swensens, Jack's Place, Gelare, Dian Xiao Er, Bread talk, all the nice food. Haha.

Took the train home with Nicholas, TKD, Zhuang Xun & Jing Hao. I swore, the chat on the train was damm embarrassing and funny. We kept laughing non stop. Bunch of little dirty-minded rascals. LOL

Went home had a biggest quarrel with parents. Oh well, shadn't elaborate. It's normal anyway. Had enough of them. I did my best in helping them in their business, but ended up, they think I didn't do enough. Don't help, get scolded. Help, also get scolded. I'm sick and tired of all these.

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