Sunday, March 30, 2008

Class Gathering @ Seoul Garden

TOPSHOP at Wisma Atria is having 15% storewide discount until 6 April, Jesus!

I hate myself for buying so many stuffs just the week before and I am simply not going to shop anymore because I don't want to spend my hard-earned savings.

Had dinner with the class, didn't know our class had so many PSP fans. And so many people are fans of Final Fantasy Crisis Core! Like Nicholas, Scott, Burton, and myself. So shocked to hear that CALVIN wasn't playing this game. But he's going to play this game soon, from what I gathered. Haha. Oh my goodness, I simply love this game a lot. I like Septhroith (Did I spell wrongly?) a lot! Zack was alright as I was playing him as the main lead in the game. *Highly recommended for PSP lovers.

Back to food, didn't take any pictures because oh please, who hasn't eaten Seoul Garden before?! We're not country bumpkins, god's sake.


Oh I've decided to digress a little bit. I saw Teo Soon at Le Bar, which was just next to Breathless.

Him: EH! HEY! How are you?! (Looked extremely shocked)
Me: EH! Hi, alive and still kicking.
Him: "Wah.. Good good."
Me: "Blah Blah ... ..."

Great conversation.

Talked a little to him, both of us shocked to see each other. I must say, he's quite a changed person already. Not that guy whom I knew whose mouth was so stinky and all he could say was just some uncivilised stinky vulgarities,other than a little dirty-minded sentences which I censored away. (He admit too.) Good short botak style (Serving National Service currently). Well-built body, however grumbling over the allowance received by the govt each month. HAHA. Every NS man does that anyway. That's why I've got an impression of him. If not, who cares anyway?

[That's why I love NS guy. I don't know why. I have always taken a liking to NS guy, they're prerfectly charming, in any other way. Haha.]

Good to see people change for the better. I dont understand why I felt happy for him. Yes, people do change, obviously. It's whether one changes for the better or the other way round.

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