Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New Laptop

This is my new adopted baby!

Compaq Presario V3000.

Bought it from my school's IT roadshow. Ok, I know this isn't the best laptop that I could bargain for but I don't have a choice!

I was ready for enrolment into RP on the second day and I went to HP booth. The student leaders over there told me that the best laptop, most expensive obviously, was sold out! Basically, it was a great deal because you could save $1k+ !
However, it weighed 2.7kg, so i'll let it off.

Went to meet up with Qiu Yi, Rainer & Lay Koon in school today. Silly Lay Koon was extremely blur enough not to bring any particulars but only herself for the enrolment process. Isn't she cute? Haha.

I went to collect my laptop and at the same time, to configure my laptop. Silly Silly Rainer brought his laptop with him, thinking that he could immediately configure, but found out that he would need to make an appointment!

After that, was feeling quite tired and stressed out ( I don't know what causes this) so I decided to go home instead of joining them for Wild Wild Wet.

Happy Birthday Albert.

I feel a tinge of happiness inside me. I don't know why. It seems good things are starting to come towards me. Friendship problems not considered completely solved, but at least I have decided to face it. And perhaps, no more grudges and grievances anymore? I've got a lot to say to you, my good friend. A lot of secrets and true feeling to be releaved out. Don't worry, we'll have a lot of chances to do so in future, L.K.

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