Sunday, November 18, 2007

AMK Hub, Thumbs Down!

Went to the supermarket today with Mom, Dad & Bro, as usual. Bought some daily necessities and off we headed for breakfast. Grandma's craving for some fried chicken and I bought KFC for her.

Fyi, My Grandmother (Paternal Side) have been staying in my house for about 2-3 months. Her health's been deteriorating since she had a fall months ago.

Reasons and why her health got worst:

1. My uncles were fighting over her inheritance.

2. They came over to scold her and stress her.

3. They don't want to allow my grandma to go back to her shophouse at Bedok Interchange.

4. My Grandma was devastated to have such unfilal sons.

5. As a result, she suffers from mild depression, ways of attempting suicide is all in her mind.

6. My dad and mom are so stressful. Having to work, and to deal with those fuckers.

7. Money separated among brothers. My uncles not satisfied with the money he received. Claimed it was too little.

8. Stabbed my Mom in the back and said my Mom took the excess money.

9. Uncle's wives came and make a din.

10. Their wives are worst than bitches and act a drama infront of my grandma, claiming that they are at their wits' end and said they needed money for all sorts of excuses.

11. Grandma was still clear minded. However, she's very unhappy about this.

12. She can't bring the matter to rest and kept thinking about it.

13. Don't want to drink, don't want to eat. We even had to force her to eat.

14. She made lots of trouble at home just to get attention from us. Everyone living this in house were so stressful.

15. Finally, she got better now and she started eating normally.

I'm happy for her.

Alright, back to topic.

During the evening, Dad drove us to AMK Hub for dinner. First time going there and I swear that place sucked.

We dine at StickyRice. Let me tell you. Mom and I felt so unhappy, having to pay 80bucks just to eat 4 plates of thai rice and 3 side dishes.

The food was ordinary, nothing much special and the 3 side dishes were just any ordinary home cooked food which I thought Mom could do better than them.

Next door was Pepper Lunch. Wanted to eat there but there was a long queue.

I remembered once. Sis and I went to Vivocity and dine at The Mussles Guy. Yeah, I will never step into that restaurant ever again.

I'm not a food critic nor do I know a lot about spices and food. However, I do have a very fussy tastebud.

I can't remember what I ordered but I remembered Sis order a seafood baked rice.

Omfg, the baked rice tasted like dog food and Sis commented that she could do much better than this. We almost wanted to suggest a change of chef and let my Sis take over.

The service was not really good also. The next table was complaining about the inefficiency of the restaurant and I heard it vividly.

Ended up, it cost 80bucks + and Sis flared up upon reaching home.

We complained to Mom about the food we ate. We felt full but we don't have the Wow Factor.

Whenever I eat something, on one hand, I want to fill my stomach. On the other hand, I want to feel Shiok (colloquial) .

So this StickRice made me recall the past memories and I was feeling extremely unsatisfied. In order to make myself feel better and more secured (I don't know why I feel unsecure), I went to BreadTalk and buy some bread for tomorrow's breakfast.

The variety was not as much as the one at PP. Well, I feel better holding those pieces of bread I chose.

Seriously, Other than the Cathay Cinema, I don't see anything that attracts me to come to AMK Hub.

The shops there are all, well, I should say D Rated. D Rated as in those shops hiring hooligans and bimbotic bitches standing on the front shop glaring at you.

The only boutique I find classy was Crocodile & Beauty Credit. Alright, I told Mom about this and she said we should go PP instead.

I'm not trying to pour wet blanket on this new shopping mall but at least make it more decent and... I don't know! The place was infested with all sorts of people, mostly immatured hooligans!

I don't feel good at all. Damm it.

However, The shopping mall was full of restaurants and little shops selling finger food.

Perhaps I shall come here for a lunch and catch a movie then head home. I don't see any shops interesting at all.

You feel so insecure because when u looked at the shops directory, You would wonder, " Why all these shop names sound so alien to me?

Not trying to be sarcastic, but just hope that AMK Hub wont be like another Lucky Plaza, perhaps not so bad, maybe.

p/s: I need help guys! Please advise me on what color should I dye my head followed by a highlight color. Do give some comments before tuesday because I'm getting my head done on tue!


Anonymous said...

You are so adorable and your hair is perfect...why would you dye it?
I just found your site but it's so cute I will come back every day...promise...


I'm an idiot about some things so I will leave my name in the middle and press

black_mamba said...

My you have a lot to say eh lol......

Your skin looks perfectly white, I think you'd make a pretty redhead ;) Have you seen what I did to my locks recently??? lol.. It sure was more drastic than a change in color hehe

Eunice Ng said...

Aww Mauniejames,

Thanks for the compliment!

Would you mind putting down your blog site so that I can also link you back?

Ratu Syura said...

hey there~!

I do hope your grandma feels much better soon. I'm sure you'd be a great granddaughter and be by her side even if your uncles and aunts can't..

as for your hair color, maybe you could go brunette with blonder highlights. just my opinion.. :)

Ratu Syura