Saturday, November 17, 2007

3d2n Chalet @ Aranda Country Club

Reasons why I've been missing for about 4 days is because I was away on a chalet trip @ Aranda Country Club.

O Lvls ended on 13 Nov and our chalet starts on the 13 Nov.

Had to meet up with Yiting because checking into the executive suite would need someone above 18 years old.

While waiting for Yiting, I took some of the pictures out of boredom.

Do pardon me for lousy and low quality pictures because I took all the pictures using my 3.2 mega pixels lens Sony Ericsson Camera, K800i.

I forgot to bring my camera and kinda regret it. So please dont blame me anymore! Haha.

I brought my laptop, for your information. However, I wanted blog about the first part of my 3d2n chalet trip. BUT! I was so muddleheaded that I forgot to bring my USB Cable for my handphone.

I ended up hopping from blogs to blogs (Star Bloggers) just to kill time.

Well, I was fascinated by the facilities and the nice deco that they provided us.

This is the first time I ever felt that paying $123.05 per night was so worthwhile. Initially, Tkd and I suggested booking 2 rooms. Fortunately, we did not because the suite was big enough to even accomodate 50 people.

Do enjoy these lousy pictures:

I shadn't elaborate much. The pictures shall paint a thousand words.

This is Kai Young holding his guitar, playing different types of Christian Songs. This is what he does while we were waiting for Yiting & Calvin to come.

This is the living room, the balcony facing Wild Wild Wet. Very nice scenery.

The sofas they provided us.

This is the kitchen. Quite small but we don't really use it though.

This is the masterbed room! Tkd thought I was saying "Masturbate Room". And all of the guys laughed at me. What a joke!

This is the scenery I took outside my balcony, which is the masterbed room. Those guys kept oogling at pretty girls.

I shall add in more here. Well, Ky and I were walking towards the living room balcony and we saw a few lifeguards downstairs. Mostly were malays but they were very friendly. One of them was extremely cute. He was swaying his butt from left to right non stop and asked us "How are You?" in chinese. I was totally flabbergasted and so I ran back into the living room and give myself a good chuckle.

This is the second room, with 2 single beds.

The chairs they provided in the room.

This is the so-called dining table. We made this dining table a gambling den.

See the only guy that turned blurred in the picture? He is my teammate, Rainer.

Reasons why I teamed up with him is because previously, Edy, Calvin, Tkd and I were playing in between and I lost a whole 30 bucks. So heartaching! So I got not much capital left, I decided to team up with him.

Luck's been looking for us and we won quite a lot. We split the money and I guessed I made a loss of around $10.

He's trying to act Emo. If you can't figure out what he's trying to do.

PSP Madness.

My Hot & Suave Teammate, Rainer!

This dead-looking corpse is Tkd. He was worn out after playing hours of blackjack. Weak! Haha.

This is a out-of-topic picture. I was hesitating to go for manicure. However, I found out that I have plenty of nail polishes and decided to do some DIY.
And it's cheap! The flower petals stickers only cost $4 from skin food. You can go to THEFACESHOP to buy it also, it costs around 4 bucks as well.
All nail polishes I used are from THEFACESHOP. I bought it from there because it was cheap which only costs $2.90 each and there are a lot of variety you can choose from.
Now I know why some people are so lazy and stupid to pay 50bucks to do for manicure and pedicure. Because it was extremely time consuming. Imagine I had to finish doing my nails after 5 whole hours?
As I was right handed, I had problems polishing my right hand because my left hand is as good as crippled.
Ended up, I feel so fucked up and starting bullying people in Maple.

p/s: Monday 2pm at Recruit Express for interview. Boring life I have.

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