Wednesday, November 28, 2007

What Mentality Teenagers Are Having Presently Towards Working Life?

I'm extremely pissed off with one of my friend, whom I chose not to give his name out.

He smsed me, "Have you found a job?". I told him I am currently finding one, even if I can't find one, I can work at my Mom's office.

5 minutes later, He smsed me again, " I found a job, $6 per hour only. I don't want to work, of course. Somemore XXX Company want me to handle customers on the phone and do admin stuffs." (Some words have been changed due to some explicit content and language which may not reflect well on my post.)

Upon receiving this message, I go on to give him a good scold. I don't care whether he was my friend, my mother, or my father.

"Who do you think you are? Fresh Graduates from universities don't even dare hiam (Pick and Choose)so much, you think you got such good resumes that you deserve more than $6/hr? Is just making the calls and doing admin stuffs a lot of work to do? You're fucking immature" I told him off.

Guess what he smsed me back? "Issit. Haha. I work because of money, if not what?"

Extremely immature and childish.

I thought working outside is to get to know what society is and gaining more job experience? Experience the life of working and what hard work is? Since which century did they teach teenagers to think that working is all about easy work and good money?

What are the teenagers thinking nowadays? Is $6/hr very embarrassing or very little for you guys? Some of them don't even have a decent certificate or diploma to be FIT and SUITABLE to talk about good pay!

I was flaming in rage when I saw such remarks from a 17 year old rascal. For people who are SO ignorant, the market rate for a job, in average (I'm talking in all diversity, please don't misunderstand what I said and read PROPERLY) is $6/hr.

Why $6/hr ONLY? First, we, teenagers, below 17 really don't deserve a pay of up to a thousand unless you're doing good as a retail sales executive or a telemarketer who earns through commission with very little basic pay.

Secondly, we, teenagers, who just finished 'O' levels, are in no position to talk about good position or extremely good pay because we don't even have 'A' Levels cert or a certified diploma. 'N' Levels or PSLE Cert are as good as nothing. As people are progressing and upgrading themselves rapidly, who doesn't have a PSLE cert? Or you would want to show off that you scored a whooping 250 or 289 for PSLE? Oh god, WAKE UP.

Thirdly, we, teenagers, have very little job experience and are unprofessional for some jobs. Some of them don't even go out to work before. With so little relevant job experience, who would want to hire you? If I were the employer and I am to give you a good pay for such low and ignorant services and contributions by some stupid dabblers or amateurs, I'd rather hire some china people who are willing to work diligently, regardless of how many hours they worked and willing to get a pay of $700 a month!

Be GRATEFUL that you can find a job and someone who is willing to pay you! Do you guys know how many thousands of people who have higher qualifications than we, teenagers are jobless? Be contented with what you have and fucking stop thinking about making big bucks with low qualifications and just merely PSLE or 'N' Levels cert! BULL SHIT.

So ridiculous to hear such comments from immature and ignorant young freaks who want high pay and do little work.



well u are right:) learn n gain more exp. companies prefer with exp.

Anonymous said...

well, i don't think there's anything wrong with your friend to want to work for money.

when you're working part-time now as a teenager, there's not much experience to speak of, there's nothing much you will learn from a part-time job, the chances of learning ALOT is limited. so what is wrong with finding a job that pays higher since all part-time jobs don't really offer you a hell of a good experience?

you're right to say that working for experience is important, but at the same time, money is also an issue. why torture yourself with such a low pay when you can be better off somewhere, doing the same thing and getting more pay? there are jobs out there paying as high as more than $1000 for no-experience, fresh O grads, depends on your outsourcing skills.

so don't blame your friend, i don't think he's wrong in anyway. don't be that naive to think that you will learn ALOT from simply a part-time job. you'll learn, working experience but not skills related to your future.

grow up too.

Anonymous said...

and anyway, i don't think you are in any position to say that to your friend, you are yourself childish and narrow-minded.

if your EQ is that high, you wouldn't be flaring up at a matter that doesn't concern you, unless you tell me that guy is your boyfriend.

then again, that's worse, you don't even understand your boy. if he's not, that's also bad, you are in no position to give him a nonsensical lecture.

if you think i'm in no position to post these comments, then wake up your idea too cos i'm far older than you, and i have working experiences that you don't, way higher educated than you and i am commenting because, as someone had already tagged on your tagboard, you're lame and i just have to say something to justify.

yes, you can begin to flare up now at this message from an anonymous person whom you don't even know and who doesn't know you.

it just shows how unlovely you are as a person.