Thursday, November 1, 2007

I'm am so stupid!

Today around 5.20pm I went to bathe because I had tuition at 5.30pm. When I came out of the batheroom, it was 5.35pm already.

I looked at my handphone and someone gave me a miss call. It was AIA ! And you guys guess what time they call me? It was 5.33pm. Just 2 minutes before only!

Eunice, why can't you bathe faster. I know why, If I didn't give my legs a scrub, I would have got out of the batheroom by 5.30pm!

I was like, "Oh my god, wtf, I missed a good chance again."

I hope they call me tomorrow again ! Damm it.

However, another piece of good news was that Someone from the Job Agency called me. She told me that she wanted to help me to send in my resume to DHL (Located at Changi South) for an interview.

I heard from Mom that DHL is hiring a lot of fresh graduates to wrap hampers or something like that, however, I'm not going such stuffs for them. Instead, I will be doing admin work and some customer services, adding on to some accounts. I told them I may not handle the work, but the lady told me that the accounts would be typing some invoice or stuffs like that.

Well, of cause I said yes, I mean, why not? I find the pay quite cool (It's quite cool to teenagers like us), as she told me DHL do have a budget for my pay. She told me they could probably pay me up to the maximum of 1.6k per month. However, I have to go through interview first. Why not?!

But, I would still hope AIA take me first because, they were the one calling me first. And I prefer working in AIA lah. Haha.

p/s: I simply don't believe that they're paying me 1.6k. Am I hearing wrong things or it's $16/hour? But I want the job experience! Even pierre don't believe that I can actually earn more than him.

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