Wednesday, October 31, 2007

This is the best news I have ever heard for the last 3 months.

I wanted to look for a decent job (Of cause, what are you thinking of?) after my O's. Simply because I want to put my time to good use.

I have decided to work full time and maybe take up music lessons at night.

So, I went to to look for jobs as told by my Sis. Well, I signed up yesterday night and spent the night doing and finishing up my resume before sending in for application.

Today after my Chinese paper, When I was on the cab, right after giving Garie a lift, someone called me . It was someone from AIA (American International Assurance) Company asked me to go for an interview for a position as a admin.

I was extremely exhilarated! Because I have only signed up yesterday and today I got it! Actually, they told me to go for the interview on this Friday. However, I can't make it as I told them I'm having my O's right now until 6 Nov. Actually it ends at 13 nov, officially.

So the lady who called me and told me that she would need to reschedule with her boss before making another interview with me.

I really hope she would call me again by then! I really want this job!

I find the lady quite friendly, so I really hope the people over there are friendly too!

However, I seriously have no idea what stuffs would I need to do as an admin.

p/s: I'm so happy today. Not only have I found one decent office job, I have found one good company to work in! I can add one more job experience to my resume again! HAHA!

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congrad.......................!! hope u enjoy ur work soon!! take care!!! cheersss!!!!