Tuesday, October 9, 2007

My Best Friend(s)

Just 2 days more, It will be my graduation day.

I reckon that many people will cry, including me, perhaps.

Maybe I won't cry so that I would look good when I take pictures with my lovely friends.

As soon as graduation falls on the 12th october, the welfare committee (Out of the 6 members, only TKD and I are organising) has already organised an outing to celebrate our 5th year anniversary being in Manjusri Secondary School.

Called and booked 3 tables (Each table up to 10pax) @ Sakae Sushi, Marina Square.

Lot's of pictures will be taken. I guessed we will be cam-whoring all night instead of gorging ourselves with sushi.

However, the only one person I would crave to take a picture with is Lay Koon. It's been almost a year since we went out, took a picture, or should I say, talked to each other face to face.

For a year, we studied on the same level, Sec 5, taking the same examination scripts, entering the same examination hall, and most importantly, our class are just next to each other. However, all we could see is our body walking pass each other, shoulders passing shoulders, and we would never had the courage to talk to each other.

Could it be we couldn't be bothered to start a conversation? Could it be we are just waiting for the other party to start a conversation? Or could it be that perhaps we are not in the good mood on that day and don't wish to look or even talk together?

I seriously don't know.

However, for all I know, I care for her. And out of all my friends, she's one of the few that I would miss and want to have a long lasting friendship until ripe old age.

Sounds ridiculous, however, after looking at my mother with her best friend for almost 30-40years, Auntie Alice and now their friendship is still ever lasting and strong, I really envy her a lot.

Looking at my sister who found herself such a best friend like Anning, I also envy her.

These two are living examples and proved that long lasting friendship do really exist.

After scanning through my past years' class photos and asked myself, If we were to graduate one day and all of us go separate ways, would we still be in contact?

For once I know, I will always keep in contact with Js, and most of all, Lk.

These two girls seemed to have telepathy with me and know my very well. They know my attitude, and I know they accept it. They know all my gestures and what I'm gonna do next, even though I always keep things to myself.

Lk, a friend for 5 whole years, and Js, a friend for 4 whole years. I'm gonna treasure it for life. I shall never want to let go of it.

5 years of friendship, along our friendship, there's a lot of ups and downs. Many happy yet sad memories. If I were to talk all about it, I may have to taken about a week to finish typing it. And you guys would be dead boring after reading only perhaps 1/4 of it.

Within this year, lot's of things happened. We both have our own lives, have our own group of clique, friends and so on. However, I guessed both of us do always keep each other in our heart.

As for guys, too many to mention. (Cheng Yong, Beng Hon, Garie, Zhi Wei, Yang, Feng Yao etc.)

They gave me lots of advices and I feel bad to always trouble them with my troubles. That's why I chose to keep some of the things to myself. Or perhaps tell only one of them.

I guessed I troubled Zhi Yang the most. Amongst the brothers, he's the more caring and thoughtful, or perhaps more responsive and sensitive to how I feel or twist of my mood and all that.

As for Garie and Zhi Wei, although we always squabble here and there, but I know that's how we communicate with each other. I accept what they are, yes I do. We know when to give in to each other and when not. Haha.

Well, at least when I fall, I know who to fall on. I appreciate all that.

Last year, Seng Wei taught me a lot of things. Perhaps he was one of the guys whom I trusted and he was also the one who taught me to grow up, and go ahead with life. Life still have to go on, no matter what happens.

I've changed a lot in the past one year, in terms of physically, and mentally. John* was the one who pin point on all my errors and motivate me to change for the better. John*, speaking from his true heart, without having to give me any face, He told me all the cruel and obnoxious things I have done to my friends. I really felt like dying. But I know, Life still have to go on, I need to change, and to change for the better.

Well, as time goes by, I see improvement. People treat me better, though some of them still do give me the cold shoulder. However, I don't blame them because perhaps I onced gave them the cold shoulder. It's tit for tat.

I chose to grip my anger between my teeth and after that told myself not to be angry. Everytime I got the cold shoulder, all I did to please myself and disperse the anger within me was just to smile.

Somehow, all those sarcastic remarks against them seemed to disappear and instead thank them for giving me such reactions. It's a reflection of what I've done last time.

Took me a real long time before my class once accepted me as one of the main joker, bubbly, cheerful, and lovable me.

And now, even when graduation day arrives, even if 10 years later when they take the year book out and see my face there, I would want all of my friends to see me as once a bubbly, cheerful and outspoken Eunice.

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