Friday, October 12, 2007

Graduation Day

Just came back after dining out with my lovely classmates @ Marina Square, Sakae Sushi.

Everyone wore nice clothings and all of us looked so beautiful and charming. Suddenly, I felt that after we leave school, would we have the chance to call everyone out for a day out together. Before my eyes starts to get red, I told myself better not to think about it.

I don't want to be a spoilsport when everyone sees me cry, the girls would be weeping too, the guys would have their heads down, looking at the ground, feeling totally helpless.

There's lots of pictures to be posted but I shall post it after I come back later during the midnight. After blogging this, I will be meeting Yang and co. to celebrate Ping Liang's birthday.

Lot's of fun and laughter. I ate until I almost wanted to vomit. Coincidentally, Zhen Lu and Co are also at marina square. So, went to meet them for a while. So happy to see them once again. I love this group. We even took a photo infront of the Buddha. Shall show you on the next post.

When I hugged Mrs Kong, I can't control my tears. She's like a mother to us. When all of us hugged Mrs Kong, a lot of teachers were looking at us with envy. Yes, not many teachers can get such a big and long hug from us. Only Mrs Kong, or perhaps Ms Tan.

Mrs Kong followed us along the way right from Secondary 3 all the way to 5. For 3 years, she took great pains and efforts to make us so good in Mathematics.

When we were in Secondary 2, I remembered we were all under Mrs Huang. All of us hated her because her lessons are plain boring. So those who liked sleeping, they can finally get a peaceful shut eye during Math lessons.

Then, we all rose to Sec 3. Mrs Kong took our class. Initially, she was so unwilling to take our class because our class was terrible. Especially our Math grades.

Tkd, Calvin and I got the lowest grades for Math in Secondary 2.

Ever since Mrs Kong, with her powerful words and charisma, she convinced us that we would surely excel in Mathematics, provided we listen to her.

And we had no choice but to listen to her.

Well, it worked. All of us showed tremendous and drastic improvement. Especially me.

Under her guidance, from a F9 student, I leaped all the way to A1. I never thought that I could do this.

Not only me, all of us told us how to revise Math and gave us lots of worksheets and practice.

That was the first time everyone in our class ever listened to a teacher and trusted a teacher so much, everyone.

Amongst the Mathematics department, our class was blacklisted.

Mrs Kong told us to give her one year to prove to the Maths Department that our class could do it.

Yes, we did it again. From then on, every math teacher look up to us, and our class even surpassed express standard. I know, in our hearts, we gave those people who looked down on us before a half-mocking smile.

And now, time flies. All of us grow up into beautiful babes and hunks. The tall grew even taller, the ugly ducklings grew into beautiful and elegant swans, the fat pigs took efforts to slim down, and the short ones trying very hard to grow tall.

As we hugged Mrs Kong liked how we hug our dearly mother, we burst out into tears. Mrs Kong cried as well. As I lay my head on Mrs Kong's shoulders, my precious tears sipped into her shirt. I was really sad, really very sad. I can't bear to let go off Mrs Kong. However, I knew one day we had to part.

But as wad Yuyue said in her graduation letter, all of us have to part one day, for all we know. However, our happy memories will always be in our heart. We may not know when we will meet again, but fate will bring us together one day.

As I typed all my feelings onto this blog with one hand while wiping my tears with another hand, I feel the pain, the unbearable pain, having to leave my friends and teachers.


When Lay Koon passed me the card she made for me, I don't know what to say at all. Worst still, I didn't even say a thank-you and left. Totally speechless. Anyway, I shall say a big thank-you to you right now before I won't have a chance to to do in future.

I shadn't write anymore. Got to take a rest before preparing to go out again.

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