Saturday, October 6, 2007


Don't you guys think how great and fabulous is it to shop online for the things you crave for? All you need to do is just to contact the owner, make the payment online, and the items will sent straight down to your door step.

Online shopping is one of the most promising functions of the internet today.

On one hand, you get to enjoy sitting down comfortably in front of your lovely computer, you can straight away order what you want and have your purchase delivered right to your doorstep, all with a few clicks of the mouse.

On the other hand, you need not go all the way down to town/central to hustle around with the crowd like packed sardines or get tired after walking for hours under the scorching sun just to look for the things you wanted!

Well, shopping around in town is already a history, just like Britney Spears. So,It's time you should chuck out those Britney Spears CDs.

So, Check this out for all the ladies! Gentlemen are also welcome to shop for these accessories as a gift for their girlfriends!


Here are the 3 accessories that I've chosen - One pair of Earrings & Two pieces of dazzling necklaces:

My Secret Keys.
Green Beads Made from swaroski crystals.

The Monarch's Love Story
It's a total perfect combination with silver plated yet light-weight butterflies matched with a transparent piece of sophiscated diamond.

Butterfly Pearls. Goldie
Using thick yet elegant gold chain w/ many stunning little pearls attached to it.

Aren't they exquisite, stunning and flamboyant?

Furthermore, a well-deserved compliment for the owner of this website, Pamela Wong. Well-efficient and friendly!

Items reached to my door step just after 2 days I made my payment; Items are also tightly packed in a plastic bag to prevent items from breaking or spoiling.

Goldecstasy is officially doing customisation! You can just simply tell her what color of the chain you would prefer and the kind of charms that you are looking for.

Besides, it would be the best if you could tell her exactly what kind of design you want her to create for you!
For more information, do email her at

Still feeling skeptical about shopping online after so much convincing?

Tips to online shopping:

1. Please do not buy implusively
2. Always keep your reference number when transfering of money to avoid misunderstandings/scam/fraud.
3. If there isn't enough information on the product, do contact the owner for more enquiries before purchasing anything.
4. Purchase products that are value for money
5. Visit well-known online shopping websites
6. Keep records of what you order.
7. Check out the terms & conditions apply before you buy.

To reiterate, I once again stress on this best online shopping website:

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