Sunday, October 28, 2007

O's History Paper - Russia: Fall Of Communism

Well well well, I reckon that this is going to be a urber boring post, but I just feel like blogging.

On Friday, Beng Hon, Tkd, Jing Hao, Kai Young and I went to the airport to study overnight. We reached the airport around 11pm and study until around 6 in the morning.

The best 3 guys with the longest perserverance were Beng Hon, Kai Young & Jing Hao.

Basically, Tkd and I were quite slacked last night.

Talked, chatted, did some revision on Social Studies.

Ok, I'm going a little sidetrack and tell you about my History Elective Paper on Friday.

I was overwhemled with joy and I peeped into the paper and saw the last question was on Russia: Fall Of Communism. I only studied for one chapter and it really came out.

Actually, I was extremely confident that it would come out because Jiashi assured me because she heard from her brother that all the good schools would be studying Fall Of Communism as well. Initially, I really don't feel like studying at all because I've been failing my Combined Humanities right from Sec 3 and I thought I could not be able to revise the whole on Gorby's reforms and his failures etc. just within one day. I saw Calvin Sim, My grandfather, on MSN and started chatting with him. He encouraged me to study for one chapter rather than studying none.

I knew Fall Of Communism would surely come out as one of the 3 essays question, and I told myself that I would not want to regret then the paper is right in front of me, and I knew it would come out, but I didn't study for it.

I would not want to have this feeling. Demoralised and full of regret.

This was the first time ever I wrote so much for my essay and I felt so proud of myself!

Well, for SBQ, Let's hope that I can get a pass because I seriously don't know where the Bolsheviks and the White Russian Tigers and they just came out of nowhere. Simply wrote crap for my SBQ.

But, I'm very happy because at least I made an effort to study just just just within one day.

This doesn't show that I'm lazy, but this showed that I'm witty. HAHA! ((:

Everyone was puzzled why Zeus was not around for History Paper. Well, I heard from him that he had acute appendicitis and was not able to drink water but only glucose. So pitiful!

I smsed him on Friday and hoped that he would reply me, but to no avail. I called his home on the same day and no one picked up the phone until yesterday, which was Saturday, He finally replied me but I was sleeping.

Take care, Zeus!

Right right, back to topic.

So we all went home early in the 6, and I reached home around 7. Took a bath and slept all the way until 5pm in the evening. Went to the airport's staff's canteen to eat with my parents for dinner.

Saw Teo Soon, Jing Xiong and co. but didn't say hi or even look at them because I simply don't know them well enough.

Went home, relax a little well while heating up my bird nest.

After eating bird's nest for 6 days, I realised that my pimples were gone and my face is much smoother!

I thought during the O's period, I would get a lot of pimples on my face due to stress and all that, but surprisingly, there wasn't much pimples at all!

After O's, I'm gonna spend my time making lot's of DIY facials like Honey with Oatmeal !

Well, what Garie said was right. Recently, I have been sleeping very late at nights, not study but I was suffering from Insomia. I sleep very late in the morning and woke up late in the afternoon. This actually helped me eat less and skip meals.

And now, I only eat 2 meals per day and with lot's of stress adding on to me, I lost 3 kgs already.

p/s: After getting off Bus 60, I walked and stumbled upon a small rock which I didn't notice. In the end, I tripped and fell like the law of physics don't apply to me. What a day.

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