Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Written By Nav

I was ransacking Nav's bag when I took out his little note book and found this short little essay.

Kind of erotic, but it very expressive, and I felt in love with it the moment I started reading.

So I decided to copy it down and post it here, and Nav knows about it. So I did not plagarise his piece of neat work!

The story starts here:

I was sitting in front of the computer with my hand on my dick, wondering why people say this masturbating shit is sick cause actually it's not if you really think about it.

It's just a solo reanactment of sexuality amusement. Anyway, as I was close to the point of my goods declaration, then commenced the reincarnation of my wild imagination.

Dirty thoughts and scenes of hot women who were bare. Even had this scene in my head where this girl was screaming as I pulled at her hair while putting my flare fun into her "down-there". We didn't even care...about all the STDs like the A-I-D-S.

Whoever in the world came up with the H-I-V, trying to scare every single young men and lady. Trying to force us into using a rubber coat for our weenie.

But that fucker and the rest of the other guys are fucking crazy cause who in the world wants to have sex safely?

Some of you may find this disgusting. Well, I can accept this. I mean, unless you're 16 and above, if not there's no excuse saying that something that is i mean, so realistic, is disgusting.

When everyone of us shall face it. It's only a matter of time when we had sex with our loved ones.

Adios. I'm going to sleep right now. I'm totally exhausted. Because it's the first day of school. I mean for me, I'm absent on Monday.

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