Monday, August 20, 2007

Today's Oral was a challenging one.

Very different from the one we had for our N levels.

However, it's all thanks for the Comprehension we did earlier on.

The reading and the picture conversation was rather easy.

However, the conversation was very interesting.

She asked quite a number of questions until one of the questions about Tourism.

She asked whether is Tourism a good thing.

So I told her that there are pros and cons of it. I told her about the Pros, however, about the cons, I managed to memorised one whole chunk of passage from the Comprehension on Trekking in Nepal. And how does tourism destroys the nature and agriculture in Nepal.

At first, the examiners was kind of confused about what I said and it was kind of out of topic but I managed to continue my words saying that "Tourism is one which lay golden eggs, but at the same time it fouls it's bird nest."

So Both teachers said, "Oh" and nodded their head. HA! I got it I got it!

This really comes in handy man!

I really heaved a sigh of relief you know!

I was very excited and exiharated because the Comprehension passage really comes in handy!

Just very amazed by it.

It must be God's doing.


It's 11.28pm right now and I shall sleep during tml's History test.

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