Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I think I should just blow myself off.

I screwed the whole of E-Math Paper 2. The prelims will be a tell tale sign to show that I have slackened a lot.

As for POA, I managed to do until Question 4 and I just slammed on the table and sleep all the way. Drained up after the E-Math paper and simply couldn't be bothered with my Prelims anymore.

As for tomorrow's Chinese paper, I really don't feel like taking it anymore. Or Should I say that I have no intention of taking my Chinese once again. It's a total waste of time.

50 days more to O's and within 1 month plus, there is no way that I could be able to jump a grade of B3 to A2/A1. Have to be realistic, you see.

I shall see whether do I want to come to school tommorrow. You know having not touch any chinese work since August until now, and my brain gets a lot more rusty and I even had difficulty writing basic chinese.

I might as well head to Mac tomorrow morning and mug my precious A-Math until night.

[Don't wanna think about it; Don't wanna talk about it; I'm just so sick about it. Because I can't believe it's happening this way; Just so confused about it; Feeling the blues about it.

The more you try to hide things from me, the more I get to know by coincidence from other people. Why make life so miserable?

I don't see why do you have to do everything right under my nose, scared of letting me know when it's already been like this all these while. I accept the fact all these while.

I am sooo damm digusted by your actions. Damm you.

So just leave me alone, If you wanna not let me know about you, go faw away from me so that I won't get to see your fake, plastic face.]

Do you guys know that Ignorance is bliss?

p/s: Stay tune for the next interesting post on my views and comments on the 6 contestants on Girl on Girl by CLEAR Men & last but not least, the first star blogs that I really liked.

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