Sunday, December 14, 2008

Another Coach Collection

Sis is back from the US for good.

So I told her to get one wallet for me.


Recently, I have a fettish for purple color, not any purple, but ROYAL purple. Ok, some of you may say purple is a GAY color (Neither scientifically proven nor does it make sense, so I chose not to believe this myth), or rather some of you may say SEXUALLY DEPRIVED (Again, no S.P, so well..), but I don't care!

For me, I think Purple is a royal color. And Ahah!, this has history of it. Check wikipedia out, I'm so lazy to write about the history of how Purple became a royal color.

Really like the gold plated knot!

I've recently taken a liking to Longchamp bags!

And Ethel went to take a look and the prices are reasonable.

I shall either get a pink or purple one real soon.

P/S: FYI, I'm using my hard-earned money. So I don't wish to hear any comments stating that I'm a spoilt brat. People nowadays seemed to have the wrong perception of hard-earned money and hard-saved money.

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