Thursday, November 13, 2008

You Made My Day

Just wanted to blog about this because someone made me so happy yesterday.

Yesterday, I was feeling so restless in class and I happened to open my classroom's door.

And guess who I saw?


OH MY GOD. I miss him like hell.

Ok, I know this is gonna sound fucking dramatic, but I just want to pen it down for memory.

I shouted his name, "WAN!"

**Both looking shocked***

Can you imagine that it was such a coincidence that he was just outside my classroom?

He was actually looking for a friend opposite to my class.


And we hugged each other.

He's freaking good to hug because he's TALL. FREAKING TALL. Haha.

I almost wanted to cry because I miss E35J.

I won't say I don't like my current class, but I felt there's something missing in this class - Unity.

But I must say I'm happy to be good friends with Stella, Sandra & Jurthika, and last but not least, Natalie!

At least they are the motivation for me to go school everyday.

P/S: Tomorrow E35J is gathering together again to discuss something GRAND. HAHAHA! I miss my MaMa! )):

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