Monday, November 24, 2008

Stephenie Meyer's Great Works

Recently, about just a week ago, I've got hooked on by a book. Not just a book, but a series of books.

Reasons why I mentioned a series of books is because the story is being stretch over 4 books, making the book a little long-winded yet exciting.
1. Twilight
2. New Moon
3. Eclipse
4. Breaking Dawn

My little cousins were all crazy about these books, and I was eager to read it as well. Actually, I wanted to see if the book did sounded as exciting and thrilling as my cousins claimed to be.

Indeed, I got addicted to this book.

I read it on the bus, I read it while waiting for the bus, I read it on the train while to work, I read it during my 45min break in work, I read it after I had done my work in school.

This is the first book, Twilight. The older version of Twilight.

Since I had just gotten my pay (Which is quite a lot), I've decided to pamper myself by going to Borders to buy all 4 books.

After work, my team leader Johnny, my colleague Ethel and her friend, Stanley & I went to Borders to get these books.

Unfortunately, the 3rd book named Eclipse was sold out.

SOLD OUT. Even Borders do not have stocks! Can you imagine how crazy people are over these books?!

I glumed and gave a sad look to the guy who attended me over at the counter. All he could do was to give me a wide and charming smile that stretches over his face. What a cute guy.

These books do come in hard cover, but I chose to buy the soft covers because they are better and easier to maintain. And I can wrapped them up in nice, neat and transparent wrapper.

Let me tell you a little about what the storybook is all about.

The vampire, Edward is in love with a normal human being named Bella. And their love was so strong then Edward chooses to overcome his temptations towards Bella's blood.

The love between them was so well-expressed in the book and I started to fantasize about how good if Edward was my vampire boyfriend.

BECAUSE Edward was expressed to be the EXTREMELY HANDSOME, CHARMING guy who every girl would hope to own.

*I could hardly breathe*

And I cried the part when Edward gave something to Bella for her 18th birthday. It was so touching.

While on the bus to school, when I was reading this part, a drop of tear tickled across my cheeks as I tilted my head towards the hard, cold and transpart glass of the bus. Immediately, I wiped it off with my hand to prevent myself from embarrassment.

I shall not elaborate more on the rest of the story, because I want to encourage people from all ages to read this!

BUY IT, LEND IT FROM SOMEONE ELSE, whatever it is, read it!

ESPECIALLY TEENAGERS. I don't understand why teenagers and youths nowadays hate reading. I dont find reading a chore at all!

P/S: I spent a week reading the first book and I'm reading New Moon because I can't wait to continue the story! SO PLEASE, READERS PLEASE READ IT.

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