Wednesday, October 22, 2008

This is Hazwan's phone! Can you believe that we're living in the 21st century, and there are still people who uses such phones?!

Antenna attached to the phone.

I kept laughing at his phone. As a result, I got poked hardly by him, and the next morning, which is today, I found myself with a bruise on my waist. See how deadly his attack can be?!?!?! *Grasps*

P/S: Yesterday I wanted to call Eugene ONG (My S.H colleague) to asked where is he. So without looking at my phone, I went to my phone book and typed, "EU". I dialled the number. And it turned out to be another person with the same name. *Shocked*. Since when Eugene ONG's voice turned out to be so deep?! (FYI, Eugene ONG's voice is almost the same as the ex-construction worker cum pop singer, AH DU.)

Let me show you AH DU's picture.

This is Ah Du, not Eugene.

Even Eugene ONG looks so much like Ah Du! The face, the HAIR(I emphasize on this because Eugene's hair is 99.99% the same as Ah Du.), The body and everything.

Eugene is just like a clone of Ah Du.

Don't believe, next time I get Eugene's picture and show you guys.

Or ask TKD. He knows. *Giggling*

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