Friday, September 26, 2008

Bodega Y Tapas Restaurant

*** NOTE***

I would like to give great recommendation to this restaurant for its great hospitality and courtesy from the waiters and the quality of the food.


Today after school, I went to meet Jiashi for dinner.

A few days before, I told her that I found a restaurant serving good Spanish food.

We both agreed and meet each other at Orchard MRT.

On the way to the restaurant, we chatted along the way.

After a 10-minute walk, we finally reached our destination.

Basically, the word "Bodega" means winery, not totally a bar, but a place where friends and families can walk in for light snacks and finger foods. It is also a place to chill out.

The word "Tapas" means a small snack or appetizer that goes along a drink during the late afternoon or early evening before having your leading meal.

Basically, there are 4 types of tapas in this restaurant.

Cold Tapas - They are snacks that were served cold, refreshing and appetizing.

Hot Tapas - They are snacks that were served hot.

Seafood Tapas- They are snacks that were made of seafood like calamari, prawns, fish, mussels, scallops etc.

Sweet Tapas - They are desserts! Fully authentic Spanish desserts.

Jiashi & I decided to give the Cold Tapas a miss because we felt like eating something that really warms our heart.

As it was our first time here, we called the waiter to give us some recommendations.

Tortilla española – selección del día
(Assortment of traditional Spanish potato omelets)

The waiter mentioned that if we wanted something more filling, we can try this potato omelet. Initially, when I looked at it, I thought it was just ordinary potato omelet.

However, when I took the first bite, the aroma of this dish was dispersed into the air. The seasoning was just right, not too salty. The potato was not over-cooked as well. The side salad was even better!

*Note: This is also served with garlic mayonnaise. I swore it was the best combination of all foods!


Piquillos rellenos de pollo con salsa española
(“Piquillos” stuffed with chicken, Spanish Sauce and cheese gratin)

The waiter recommended this as well. Basically, the inner flesh and seeds of the tomato were taken out and replaced with bits and chunks of chicken. Served hot with Spanish tomato sauce and cheese. This flavour is so enriching and delicate. When start munching, you can feel the flavour exploding in your mouth.


Patatas bravas con Alioli
(Fried potato wedges w/ spicy tomato relish & garlic mayonnaise)

This was actually an addition of dish for us. We saw quite a number of tables having this and we thought of trying this too!

I wasn't sure if there is a difference in the texture of different kinds of potato. But I must say Spanish Potatoes tasted really nice! The texture of spanish potatoes is definitely not the floury-textured kind of flesh, but more of a smooth and waxy-textured kind of flesh.

Really goes well with the spicy tomato sauce and mayonnaise. Potatoes were cut into bite size forms for easy chewing.

Off the track: I really find this funny and cute. I waved my hand to the supervisor because I wanted to order more. I asked for the menu. Guess what the supervisor said?!

Me: Can I have the menu? We want to order somemore dishes.

Supervisor: Oh Menu? I'm the menu.

*Stone-d a little while, and laugh.*

Isn't he cute?!

Tarta de pera y chocolate con helado de vainilla
(Chocolate and pear tart served with vanilla ice cream)

Having desserts is definitely a MUST for Jiashi & I. Both of us adored desserts a lot.

Initially, I thought they took a whole pear and cut into half, After that, they would cook with pear with brown sugar to caramelized it. Then, they would drip chocolate syrup on the pear and add a scoop of vanilla ice-cream to mix with.

But it isn't! This chocolate and pear tart tasted way better than I'd expected! I was astonished when I started scooping a spoonful of tart and ice-cream into my mouth. Because the pear actually melts immediately into my mouth! Oh my goodness!

See that?! It MELTS away! I was so excited and started telling Jiashi, "Hey! It melts into my mouth!!!!"

The tart may seemed very chocolatey, but it doesn't look too sweet as it seemed to be. You just feel like eating it non-stop and you'd never get sick of it.


We ordered drinks as well.

Drinks is definitely a must to go along with tapas because it is the Spanish tradition.

We were lucky to get 1 for 1 because the time we went there was the "Happy Hour Time".

Therefore, all drinks in glasses gets one extra free.

**For your information, both us are already 18, so we can drink LEGALLY.

Ciroc Grape Vodka


Jiashi ordered this for a try.

Cava Bellini

(Peach, mango or strawberry puree, topped with Spanish sparkling wine)


I chose Mango flavour. Because I love Mango!

Ciroc Grape Vodka & Cava Bellini

We felt that the drinks weren't enough, so we decided to try something else.

Before going to the restaurant, I actually made some research on this restaurant.

Therefore, I've decided to try something SPECIAL.

Left: Fruit Punch

Right: Mint & Lime Cooler
(Fresh limes & mint leaves, brown sugar, topped with club soda & sprite)

I really liked this a lot!

I give it a 4.5/5 rating!

Very refreshing, cooling and peppery (Due to the mint leaves) , extremely perfect for a hot and humid day!

You may think this drink looks kind of exotic, but I think it tasted perfect!


See. We drank finish everything!
Jiashi forced me to drink the Ciroc Grape Vodka in one shot!

Actually, the food wasn't expensive at all. It was the little miscellaneous fees like the service charge & GST that makes it costly. But we can't avoid it!

I think it's worth it for the service charge.

The waiters there are all really nice. Most of the waiters there have a Spanish accent and I really like to hear them speak.

There was once where we waited for almost 3omins for the potato wedges and I reminded them about it.

The supervisor kept apologising to us but other waiter was actually behind him, holding my dish in his hand.

Then, the supervisor turned his back and saw my dish, he did something which made me so embarrassing.

Supervisor: Oh here comes your dish! Sorry my dear... You see, she angry already!

Waiter (Who stands behind him): Oh really?! You're angry with me?!

*Everyone turns around to look at us.*

Me (Shaking my both hands): No No! I'm not angry! Haha!

All of us laughed. They're really friendly.


They really treated you like their dear customers and we seemed to be the only teenagers dining there basically because the rest were Causacians.

When I wanted to order more from the menu, the supervisor was like shouting, "Yes Darlin! What you want?!"

It was totally embarrassing. But as customers, we feel good, we felt homey and heart-warming.

When we were leaving the restaurant, the supervisor saw us and said, "Bye Bye Marllins!"

I don't know what Marllins are, but I supposed he's trying to say Darlings due to his Spanish accent.

When can Singaporeans ever learn such courtesy and etiquette?

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