Saturday, August 23, 2008

Astons Specialities

As this coming Monday would be my birthday, my parents decided to take me out for a good feast.

We went to...


Initially, Dad was always reluctant to go Astons for a meal because everytime we drove past East Coast Road, we would be very annoyed when we see TONS of people queueing up for it.
We decided to give it a try. And it turned out that there were no people queueing! Because it was raining...

My sis went to eat there before and she commented that the food was mediocre.

Since then, my Dad also thought ASTONS was just another typical restaurants where typical Singaporeans would queue up for.

However, I have never thought this way because I knew ALL ALONG that they were quite well-known for their steaks.

And I swore I never REGRET coming for their Steak.

I mean, who would go there for their chicken chop or fish & chips where they are so common?! You can dine at SWENSENS, then!

Dad, Shaun & I ordered Ribeye Steak Extra Cut for only $16.90! Mom, being the devoted Buddhist, she took Chicken & Sausage Combo.

I wanted my Steak Medium and Dad Medium Rare.

Ribeye Steak Xtra Cut 250gm for only $16.90!

See the thick slab of steak they serve?! See how well they are being grilled?! Just looking at the inner sides of the meat makes me so happy and smile gleefully.

See... The succulent slice of beef would just melt in your mouth.

You've really got to try it, dudes!

I swore Jack's Place SUCK TO THE CORE. Ok, not to that extent, but almost there.

I've been keeping this in my heart for a long time. Dad & I were complaining about the steaks Jack's Place offered us.

We always wanted our steak to be on a Medium grill. But when the steak was served to us, our steak would always ended up well-done! And when that happens, the steak turns hard and stiff and we were totally turned off by this situation.

Shouldn't they do something about it? Astons provides better steaks and cheaper price. Jack's Place offer mediocre (I know I use a lot of this word, but this is it!) steaks and lavish prices. So now I know what to choose...

When we step out of the bistro, TONS OF PEOPLE were queueing up again. (Luckily, we came early.)

119 East Coast Road(Opposite Katong Mall)
Tel: 6247 7857 (Reservations not allowed, I've tried it before, but to no avail (:)
1130-2300hrs(Close on 1st Monday of each month)

P/S: I'm so pleased with the food I had, and the pictures I took. ((:

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loveberries85 said...

I still think their food is mediocre. Comforting to know that their steaks are good, but a good meat place should know how to grill not only just steaks!