Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Happy Birthday, Tina!

Went to attend Tina's birthday celebration.

Overall quite a fun day.

Felt a little left out initially. Felt a little grumpy. Don't feel like talking to anyone when I'm grumpy.

After a while, mood swings over.

Had lots of fun with Daphnne, Cheryl, Clifford, Eugene, Kerry & her bf, TKD, Qiu Yi & Alberto.

Was a little drunk.

While chasing after clifford, slip and fell. Woke up and find my left hand very pain.

Played WWF with the guys, choke slam, body slam all around. People usually play pillow fight, we play WWF.

Slept until morning, Albert kept poking my eyes with his elbow.

I guess that's all.

Too much fun and I'm lazy to elaborate!

P/S: Anyway, not much pictures of me. So, Enjoy!


This is the result of being a little drunk and yet could still chase Clifford over something. PAINFUL!

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