Friday, March 21, 2008


I went Sentosa for sun-tanning again!

I was late for 2 hours, because I got to go market with my Mom today morning.

Upon reaching, there were hell lot's of people queue-ing for the ticket to Sentosa. Luckily, Jiashi bought one for me earlier on, if not I would have to wait for almost an hour to queue for the tickets.

Reached Siloso Beach, packed with people. Had difficulty in finding a suitable place for us to put our bags down.

Finally found one spot and guess who we saw?

Mediacorp Artiste - Chen HanWei

I saw him. Playing volleyball with his friends. Extremely charming that I'd almost had a nosebleed. His body was well-built (considered good at the age of 38) and well-tanned. Wearing sophiscated pair of sunglasses, hair very neatly waxed. Nobody cares whether he plays volleyball well or not. He's extremely handsome!

Ok back here. Applied some sun-tan lotion and went water dipping.

Around 3pm, wanted to take a bath but there was such a long queue. So, Jiashi & I drive into desperation. We decided to bathe in the handicapped toilet. How to bathe? When there was no shower head. We used tap water and took turns to wash each other's hair. Decided to take the Sprite bottle Jiashi just drank and washed it, fill it with water. And so, we had our bath.

People waiting outside starting to get annoyed, so we went out first to let them use the toilet. Little did we expect, the moment we went out, quite a few people starting queue-ing. With no choice, we walked to the next toilet, with our body all drenched, like a drenched chicken, just that we were not soaked with wine.

Finally, walked to the next toilet, another handicapped toilet, we took turns to change our clothes before heading to Vivocity. Was supposed to catch "The Leap Years" movie, but we were late for the movie.

Instead, went for dinner and walked around looking for my bag. Went to THEFACESHOP to get some masks.

Here are some of the recommendations:

These great masks were only 3 for $12, and there are almost up to 10 different types of masks, each for different uses to choose from.

This is the incredible White Mud Nose Pack. Formulated with white mud and Burdock extract, this peel-off nose pack sleans and clarifes pores and blackheads.

Geranium & Everlasting Flower Healthy Mask Sheet. Helps revives and balance moisture and oil levels for clear, hydrated skin. It also refreshes and promotes healthy radiant skin. This is for the oily skin type.

Mung Bean Cereal Mask Sheet. Benefits of Mung Beans - Cleanse and clarify skin for ages. Excellent cleansing and detoxifying which helps resolve skin problems for a more beautiful complexion. This is the anti-aging mask.

Rose & Pine Moisturising Mask Sheet. Relives tension and stress, purifies skin. Refreshes and combats fatigue. Helps protect eczema and infection. This is the hydrating mask.

Reasons why I bought these masks is because recently, I have been going to Sentosa very often and found myself getting sunburnt, especially on my face. I am quite sensitive towards sunlight and easily got sunburnt.

And, I trust products from THEFACESHOP and TheBodyShop. Honestly, I have oily and sensitive skin. I ever tried using other products and often, I felt my face itchy everytime I used them. So I tried using these 2 makeup products, and the symptoms never showed anymore.

So, now most of my cosmetics are from TFS or TBS.

Ok, I need to put on my mask right now. My whole face was sunburnt-ed and it look like a monkey's pussy. Am I too crude? No, I like the way I type.

Meeting Js tomorrow at Wheelock to see my crumpler bag, Sennheiser Earphone & iPod speakers!

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