Sunday, March 23, 2008

I have a real life story, which you may think it's simply ridiculous.

This post is going to sound ubber digusting, extremely unrealistic, definitely dramatic, and most of all, don't read this while having your lunch or while drinking your favourite double expresso or cafe latte.

I have a friend, which I called Nat*. Recently, we have not been contacting each other because she wasn't online for the past few weeks as she was moving house.

Few weeks later, I went to Nat's blog to take a look. She was scolded by a couple for nothing. The couple, named John* & May*.

John and Nat were friends. They were even closer than friends. They often hang out together late at night with their bunch of motocyle friends. Soon, John and Nat grew closer and closer day by day. John treated Nat very well, giving her lots of love, care and concern which she never had from her previous boyfriend.

Nat told me how happy she felt when she thought she had found a good guy and I was very happy for her. (Of cause, she's my good friend!)

Few months later, little did Nat expected, John had reconciled with his ex-girlfriend, May*. However, John continued hanging out with Nat, not letting Nat know that he already had a girlfriend.

Nat, my good friend, happened to found out that John got a girlfriend while browsing through his Friendster's profile. After hearing news from some other friends, Nat finally found out that John had patched up things with his ex-girlfriend. Nat was totally disappointed in John and decided to confront John.

However, John did not reply Nat's sms and he seemed he's got nothing to say to Nat. Nat tried calling him many times, but to no avail. Ended up, May (John's girlfriend) found out that Nat & John were still in contact. May called up Nat and scolded her for nothing. Telling Nat to stop pestering John, and stop being a third-party.

May, being the ultimate slut, managed to fake a MSN conversation that Nat had scolded her in MSN. But the contridiction was, Nat didn't even know May at all, even how May looks like (I reckon she looked like a platypus), don't even mention her MSN contact!

John, the ultimate stupid fuggass, believed what his girlfriend, May told him, and got very angry with Nat.

As a result, John called Nat up and gave her a scolding. John even decided not to contact Nat anymore, and even blocked her in MSN, and changed his contact number.

While Nat was still unaware of John having a relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Nat bought some cookies for him and asked a friend to pass it to John. As a result, May found out and scolded Nat and shouted at her for being the third-party.

Nat, very soft-spoken and feminine, she even allowed May to finish scolding her before hanging up her phone. (If it was me, I would say, "Slut, Fugg yourself." and hang up the freaking phone!)

After that call, Nat thought everything was over but she didn't expect a few days later, John called and scolded Nat AGAIN.

May even attempted suicide just to win John's heart.

John, the heartless dog, even told Nat that he dated her was because he had broken up with his ex-girlfriend and then used Nat as a substitute.

I gave Nat advises and told her not to hang out or have anything to do with John to avoid any unecessary trouble anymore. She agreed.

Few days later, Nat heard from John's friend that May had left John for another guy.

(This is retribution. Like what I told Nat, Heaven has eyes!)

However, I think John was feeling very frustrated and decided to call Nat and scold her for nothing just to let off steam.

May, the mastermind of all the problems, decided to make John hate Nat in order for both of them to quarrell and dislike each other. This was what Nat replied me, " This kind of girl hor. Damn idiot. She cant get John*, so she also dont want me to have him. Now she's with another guy and in her heart she know John* & I wont be together no matter what, she's happy lor ."

Isn't this whole scene so dramatic? May was so slutty. For your information, May is currently 19 or 20 years old, studying at Temasek Polytechnic. It would be lagi good if I knew what course she was in. Damm her fugging bitch.

I'm sorry if I was being uncivilised or what, but if your friend ever had such thing happened on her, where she was innocent and got scolded for nothing, would you be angry too? I guessed you would.

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