Thursday, March 27, 2008

Crazy Shopping

Ok, pardon me for doing some crazy shopping.

Met up with Jiashi & Nicholas after work. Went to Marina Square for dinner. Ate Yoshinoya. I guessed it's been a long time since I last ate Yoshinoya. Just ordinary japanese food, nothing special.

Went to THEFACESHOP again. Went to get my masks. This time, I decided to buy the whole pack.


It's worth it by a few cents, though.

Tea Tree & Bergamot

Fresh Fruit Lemon

Fresh Fruit Aloe Vera

Tawny Mulberry Mushroom & Sika Deer Antlers


I didn't just anyhow choose them. There were 4 different types of pack, namely Anti-Aging, Troubled Skin, etc.


Decided to get some casual T-Shirts.

Reasonable Price, For what I think.


I love this bag.

Don't be shocked by the price. I got it at half-price! It was a 50% discount! I've been quite lucky in shopping recently. Each time I went into PUMA shop, I always got 50% discount for the item I wanted!

Guess who I saw at PUMA? I saw Kenny, one of the members of CKT. Happy to see him there and had a small chat with him.

I went to open the tag that was hung next to the bag and saw this:

It's damm cool man.

And guess what I saw on the plastic bag they gave me?

Haha, Great sense of humor, with little sarcasm. I like it.

Missed the chance of going to Max Brenner for desserts. It's ok, we have plenty of time! The next good food we're having will be Tony Roma's.

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