Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Cousin's Exchange Programme at US Washington, University Of Virginia

Last week, my uncle sent me a few photos of my cousin, Eugene, in US Washington for exchange programme.

Heard that he's doing good and he's currently at University Of Virginia for a 4-Month Exchange Programme. Since I've not been updating so regularly, I've decided to post a very long one, with pictures to entertain, you readers!

This is the dormitory that my cousin is staying right now. Not bad, looks more like a hotel.

Later on, They were invited to have dinner at Washington, Embassy of Singapore over the weekend as part of the CNY activity.

For your information, the one on the extreme right is my cousin. Talking about my cousin, he did my maternal's side proud by setting a very good example as the biggest, most intelligent cousin in the whole family. Hard work, dilligence and determination was the factors that made him went through RI (Raffles' Instituition) and RJC (Raffles' Junior College) so smoothly.

Cousin: Extreme Right

Shopping Centre at Virginia

Ok, ok! Must be very curious how his school looks like right? Here's it!

I Love this picture! I love the building and the infrastructure etc.

I guessed there was a church nearby.

Isn't this place so holy and spiritual?

It's snowing time! Look at the thick layers of snow !

Can you see those footsteps imprinted on the thick layers of whitish snow?

Oh look at that pathetic car.

My cousin has taken a week holiday at Miami and Orlando Florida.

THIS IS MIAMI! The place I longed to visit. Look at the greenish-blue waves. This is definitely what you won't be able to see at Singapore!

They decided to head on to the Miami Zoo.

So here they are at Orlando Florida.

Finding Nemo!

Cousin, on the right.

Isn't that Wolverine?

Look at the white sandy beach! I love it, I love it!

But I'd still prefer to study in London. And that's my dream.

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