Thursday, January 17, 2008

My Friend, Jennifer Koh Yee Teng

Yee Teng's birthday is coming very soon.

I remembered I know this little pretty girl since 5 years ago. Let me tell you a little on how I got to know her.

I remembered when I was 13, we had Secondary One Orientation Camp. I was completely lost in my school because none of my primary school friends actually went into the same school as I am in.

Well, we all sat at the hall, waiting for teachers to give us a briefing on the camp. Just when I was about to sit down, another girl sat next to me. We both looked at each other, but did not smile. We were actually waiting for either one of us to start the ice breaking, or waiting for either one of us to smile at each other. Ended up, both of us looked at each other and then turned our heads back to the front, where the teacher was starting to brief us.

And so, after giving us a brief talk, we talked in pairs down to the main road and wait for our excursion bus. We will be camping at Chinese High School. On the bus, both of us took turns to look at each other at short intervals. We never talk for the whole journey.

Until when we reached our camp site, we started building tents and make little small short conversations. Amazingly, Yee Teng was the first ever girl I talked to and make friends with.

And now you know why I had deep impression of her?

Every year, without fail, I always gave her presents. Be it whether the present was cheap, or expensive, those are my thoughts. I remembered once I went to KL and I walked into a exquisite shop selling souvenirs. I was thinking of who to buy for. And the two pple that came to my mind was one, Yee Teng and Qi Xiang.

And the souvenirs wasn't cheap. But I was very happy because I would be giving it to her.

The first year, I gave her a handmade swans made of paper.
The second year, I gave her the souvenir I bought from KL.
The third year, I gave her a nice bracelet (But unfortunately it was a little bit small for her)
The fourth year, I gave her a Ripcurl Wallet which I liked it so much too.
And now, the final year, I decided not to give her materialistic stuffs anymore. I'll be making some DIY.

I decided to put in some effort in making some good cards for her. But you know, I'm extremely very poor in art so probably I might need a little bit of help from Ps.

This girl, thought she wasn't very close to me for these years, but we would always share secrets on which guy we had a crush on and so on and she's really very adorable. Very pleasant, good natured, lovable.

Hope that we could still keep in contact throughout these years!

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eastcoastlife said...

It's good to have friends who care for one another. I see you are a good friend, making effort and time to make them gifts.