Friday, January 25, 2008

Max Brenner's Chocolate Bar

I shadn't elaborate what I've done for the whole day. Because I am going to introduce to you guys the best ever dessert I've eaten in my life! It's so heavenly!

Jiashi took me to this restaurant at Esplanade which she commented that the dessert was good. So we went to try it!

I was on a shopping spree today because I've bought Brazilliano Praia Slipper from NewUrbanMale while Jiashi bought too, but with different design, different brand name, but from the same shop.

Next, went to Marina Sq to look for my bag. Jiashi & I happened to spot on bag at Puma, which we both pointed to the bag at the same time Haha.

The bag was intially $159 dollars but there was a 50% discount on selected items. Fortunately, this happened to be on the list and I bought it at half price!

Saw Bing Nan with his girlfriend too.

Then we went to Esplanade to have desserts!

Here I present you pictures from Max Brenner's Chocolate Bar! PLEASE, please pardon me for the pictures if they were not well taken because I used my handphone to take them!

This is the dessert I ordered! Crunchy Chocolate Cheesecake for only $12.00! Very affordable! Serve with a small bowl of fresh fruits, Dark chocolate cheesecake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
Very thick and rich dark chocolate combined with cheesecake, you're able to taste both the dark chocolate and the rich taste of the cheesecake!

This is the one Jiashi ordered. Crepe Szuette. With fresh ingredients like mascerpone, raisins with rum, oranges, strawberries and dark chocolate sauce as a dressing. The crepe is just a thin layer of pancake and inside the crepe was raisins with rum and custard cream!

We girls also ordered drinks, Strawberry Chocolate on float and Toffee Chocishake.

Didn't take pictures because I was already busy gobbling up the desserts!

The service was good, particularly because one of the staff was very beautiful. It's been a long time since Jiashi & I saw natural beauty girls. Hot.

When Jiashi told me when we got the time and money, we can try dining at better restaurants, trying good food with me. When she said that, I suddenly think that I was very fortunate and happy to have found a good friend, who shares the same thinking as me.

We both appreciate and love good food. And we are very generous with food. We both know, if we want good food, pay for it. Because there is a chinese saying, " Able to eat is happiness."

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