Sunday, January 20, 2008

Class Gathering & Jumbo Seafood Restaurant

It was a totally worn out day for me.

Because I had to attend two different sessions for the day.

I left home for 14 hours.

First, Teo Xiang, Wei Qing, Nicholas, Jiashi and I went to kbox for singing session.

Then, Nicholas & Jiashi headed to Suntec first and the rest of us went to meet them at Carrefour.

Bought some sushi because I suddenly had a crave for salmon sushi but the salmon sushi wasn't that fresh.

I went to take a look at the cheese vendor and they really sell many types of cheese! But what caught my eye was the blue cheese because I liked blue cheese a lot. Blue cheese is best to mix with any cob salad, be it chicken cob salad or a salmon cob salad. However, feta cheese would also be a good choice, just that feta cheese is much more salty.

I'm so tempted to buy the blue cheese but I couldn't because I will be going to Yiting's Condo for class gathering.

And so, we went there. The ambience would be good it we were to tune in to some good music.

Honestly, I was quite shocked and upset by some things which I heard but I just kept quiet. I told Jiashi what I heard, but she was also there and she forgot, but later on Jiashi told me that maybe *** don't mean what she said?

Oh Yeah, maybe that was it. I wouldn't also want to actually make a fuss over it.

Well, so we took a group photo at the playground.

Food being prepared, grilled under the charcoal, etc etc. Just very normal procedures for BBQ-ing.

But I didn't eat much at all because I kept drinking and drinking until I was so bloated.

Usually for BBQ, I can eat a lot but I guessed I only ate 3 chicken wings, 5 Kebabs, 3 sausages, and a plate of spaghetti?

Then go on to have some very exciting game. We went to the bridge which was extremely rocky. The bridge seemed like some high element games and a lot of us was jumping and swinging the bridge with all out might and it seemed like a roller coaster to me!

Night falls in and I got to leave to attend a dinner @ Jumbo Restaurant with my relatives.

Waited for my Dad at Bedok Interchange because my Uncle's shop was there.

Picked up my relatives from China and we head off to East Coast.

I've been dining at Jumbo Restaurant for almost every occasions and our family are so used to eating at Jumbo Restaurant that we always ordered the same dishes, but we never get tired of it.

Yesterday, I somehow felt that Mom ordered too many dishes. One Chilli Crab, One Pepper Crab, Claypot Beancurd, Herbal Soup w/ Prawns, Oyster Omelette, Kai Lan Vegetables, Braised Duck w/ Sea Cucumber, Cold Dish.

Not only for one table, but two tables.

I couldn't force myself to stuff all those food because I was extremely thirsty. I kept ordering for ice water and I only ate vegetables and the salad from the Cold Dish.

Then @ Jumbo, we saw one of our old friend working at Jumbo as the Chef's assistant, helping them to cut the ingredients etc. We called him out and had a chat with him. Ah Yao used to work for my grandmother's shop at Bedok Interchange and it's been 10 years since he stopedd working for my grandmother.

And now, he grew a little bit fatter and we all said that he always pinched food in the kitchen! Haha. As a result, we got free desserts! We were told by the staffs over there saying that Ah Yao was a very good worker - diligent, hard working.

So happy to see our old friend finding a job that he enjoyed working in.

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loveberries85 said...

Who did you all go with? That old bald man? Haiz, I miss the Oysters man!