Friday, February 1, 2008


Babes & Hunks out there! Lunar New Year is just le and have you thought of giving something really special and unique for your loved ones?

SketchBookLabel offers a wide variety of necklace and rings, which each design tells a different story.

Vintage, Retro, Modern, Zen, Sweet-Looking, any styles you name it, they have it!

Moreover, all necklaces on display are at affordable prices, ranging from $6 to $15!

SketchBookLabel represents the high quality of a past time, characterized by excellence, maturity, and enduring appeal, and with classic-looking.

Showcase of their great artwork.


Victorian & Retrospective


With great quality of pictures, great effort of showcasing their accessories with good and clear descriptions, and pretty and curvy beautiful models as their coverpage, what more can you ask for?

Good news for bloggers! Anyone who adds SketchBookLabel on his/her website or blog is entitled to a 10% discount for every purchase! With T&C applies.


where fashion becomes a lifestyle.

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